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  • [made by] ALL Slacks (ver. Velor Open) (Short, Medium, Long)

  • [made by] ALL Slacks (ver. Velor Open) (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Pants, Slim and Chic Semi Slim Boot cut line that maximizes warmth with thick Velor material♥ It is resistant to wrinkles and contains a small amount of span, so it is comfortable to wear for a long time and boasts a Neat silhouette :)
  • 30.72 USD (sold out)
  • [made by] ALL Slacks (ver.Cotton Pin Tuck Autumn) (*6color)

  • [made by] ALL Slacks (ver.Cotton Pin Tuck Autumn) (*6color)
  • Fall version of cotton pintuck, which was loved a lot :) It is softer and stronger with a thickness of 20, and I recommend it as a production slacks school uniform pants that are perfectly prepared from material, fit, color, and detail ♥
  • 40.96 USD (sold out)
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