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  • [made by] Select Jean (ver. Damage Wide Fit) (Short, Medium, Long)

  • [made by] Select Jean (ver. Damage Wide Fit) (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Introducing Select Jeans that have both trendy, chic, and casual modes ♥ A moderately wide fit and long length make your legs look long and slim. These are Denim pants that can be stylishly produced with neutral washing and torn cuts that suit all four seasons :)
  • 39.68 USD
  • [made by] Selectine (ver. Tantan Fit Harp) (*2color)

  • [made by] Selectine (ver. Tantan Fit Harp) (*2color)
  • A solid production Harp Pants with good length for daily :) High waist makes the leg line look longer, and it is not fit, so you can enjoy it comfortably! It can be highly coordinated with modernistic colors♥
  • 29.44 USD (sold out)
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